Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing by Norlap Creative

Building your online profile.

Effective SEO gives you a higher ranking on the top pages of search engines, like google. The aim of SEO is to make your website easy to find and so increase visitors.

SEM helps increase your website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is paid search. They both influence the findability of your website.

Norlap Creative offers effective SEO copywriting and can deliver a high-performance SEM plan.

SEO copywriting is important.

The traffic your site receives from organic search is free. That’s why SEO should be the foundation of your online strategy with Norlap Creative.

The google algorithm will award top spot to the website with the most relevance and the highest authority. Google uses text matching (as a part of their algorithm) to deliver the most relevant results to their users. So key phrases placed throughout your website give your site relevance.

The “textual” content on your website is vital to how you rank in search engines. This means the keywords for your business must be written into your copy. The task of finding these key phrases, and including them naturally into your content, is the role of our professionally-trained SEO copywriter at Norlap Creative.

Norlap Creative will deliver content that is compliant with all google requirements, be grammatically correct, free of errors and, most importantly, compelling.

A note on authority: in most cases, this is built organically over time and is directly related to your SEO focus on relevance. It’s a reflection of your website’s popularity: the algorithm can measure how popular your page is by the number of backlinks (visits). With better efforts in SEO, the more traffic you will receive. And more visits will equal higher authority, and so on.

We can tick all the technical boxes, yet keep the copy human.

It’s very important your web copy still remains natural, engaging and human.  Yes, the google text-search is robotic, but the person reading your copy is living and breathing: full of thought and emotion.

With SEO copy by Norlap Creative, you achieve:

  • Clarity for search engines: so Google knows what your content is about (and so helps your content be found)
  • Copy and content that can stand on its own: something your readers want to read and share

Writing content that’s readable, with proper SEO headings and key phrases - including key-phrase density and search volume - is a specialist art.

Don't sit on the fence. The award-wining copywriter at Norlap Creative finds the right balance for your website, ensuring your website is easy to read, and found easily by google.

For effective SEO results, your website copy (on at least some key pages) should exceed 250 words. Some say 450 words is best. To consistently write this amount of words - yet keep the content interesting, on-brand, google compliant and still meeting the deadline - can be a challenge: especially if you’re busy running a business. If you're looking for an SEO Copywriting service in Perth, contact  Norlap Creative.

SEO Copywriting: the process.

Firstly we will research your business, look at the competitive landscape, pick your brains and ask questions. After identifying suitable keywords and key phrases, the SEO writing by Norlap Creative begins.

A list of all the key phrases - included in your web copy - will accompany the first draft. You can review this to ensure all key phrases align with your business objective. With any required changes made, the final copy is completed by the Norlap Creative SEO copywriting specialist.

Before your site goes live, a Rank Checking report will confirm the current ranking of of your key phrases in google. This means we can check the effectiveness after the site has gone live. and moving forward, constantly tweak and tailor the key words as necessary.

When your website has been live for a sufficient amount of time (for Google to have indexed the new copy), a follow up Rank Check is conducted. That’s the beauty of the web: Norlap Creative can monitor and analyse the results, tailoring copy if needed to constantly optimise your search results.

SEM (or paid search) planning.

Some clients rely on their SEO strategy alone to increase web traffic.

Others complement their SEO with an SEM (paid online marketing) plan.

Even more, SEM efforts will usually form part of a much broader communications strategy, including advertising in traditional channels.

What you choose to do is dependent on your business objectives, and of course, your budget. To conduct  paid search marketing and boost your online visibility - or for a complete communications plan across all channels - Norlap Creative can help.

Our strategic plan will include a menu of tactics that can be employed according to the budget available. Some SEM tactics to consider include:

  • Google AdWords – paid search ads
  • Banner Ads on major advertising platforms (paid per click and/or cost per impression)
  • Re-marketing and Re-targeting Campaigns (targeting visitors to your site and creating “look-a-like” audiences)
  • Paid social advertising

Any SEM advice from Norlap Creative will focus on Return on Investment for your business. For a small-medium business, it’s your SEO strategy - creating ‘free organic’ search results - that’s the fundamental to be mastered first.

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